Inspired Baby Names from Around the World includes over 6,000 multicultural names whose meanings are matched with a spiritual quotation intended as a blessing for the name. The book’s introduction includes a section describing baby names customs in various countries and religions; a section on guided meditations; a section on the legalities involved in changing one’s name; and current baby naming trends. It also includes the etymology and root words of the name’s meaning, so that you as the reader, can also interpret the name.

At the end of the book are the most popular names by decade over the past one hundred years, names for grandparents, and two indices: a name meanings index and an index that sorts names by ethnicity. The indices are helpful if you are searching for specific ethnic name, such as all Irish girl names, or if you are looking for a particular meaning or characteristic, such as all names that mean “light” or “courage.”

  • “A beautiful and inspiring resource — not only for parents searching for the perfect name, but for all who are interested in one of the roots of who we are in the world. “The quotations alone make this a wonderful book.” — Janet Conner, bestselling author ofWriting Down Your Soul and The Lotus and the Lily
  • “This book is far, far more than what anyone might think before opening it….This book is an envoy for Intelligence and Unity and Learning. If it does not become a classic … the moon might openly weep. —Daniel Ladinsky, author of Love Poems from God, I Heard God Laughing, The Purity of Desire, The Subject Tonight Is Love, Darling, I Love You, The Gift, A Year with Hafiz, I Heard God Laughing, and Hafiz: The Scent of Light
  • “Impeccably researched, Neala Shane’s book is a treasure of wonderfully matched quotes and fascinating information to help you name your child — one of the first and most meaningful gifts we ever bestow.” Betsy Chasse, author ofTipping Sacred Cows, cocreator of What the Bleep Do We Know?!
  • “Inspired Baby Names from Around the World is a wonderful guide for the joyfully and sacred task of discovering your child’s ‘true name.’…Light a candle, sip some tea, and enjoy the exploration.” —Denise Roy, author of Momfulness and My Monastery Is a Minivan
  • “It is said that when you say your name, you call in the soul. Choosing your baby’s name is a sacred act. Neala Shane has created a timeless gem. What a loving, eloquent gift this is to all mothers- and fathers-to-be.” — Renée Peterson Trudeau, author ofNurturing the Soul of Your Family

Neala Shane received her BA from Penn State University in religious studies. She began working on Inspired Baby Names from Around the World in 2000 as a way to blend her passion for religions and names. She is fascinated by how people around the world define and live their understanding of the divine. She is a grandmother of three and lives in Washington state with her adopted dog Charlie.